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Building with clay

– for big and small


Bahnhofspassage, 21109 Hamburg (near S-Bahn Wilhelmsburg)


21.8.-21.9.24 (except Mondays and Sundays), 9.30 - 17.00


Sunday, 22.9., 15.00 – 18.00


23.-29.9. every day, 10.00 a.m. - 18.00

Entrance is free

Groups (more than four persons) are asked to call prior to visit:

Tel. 040-39 90 54 31

Creating space by taking part

The non-profit organisation, Bunte Kuh e.V. offers interactive events over the duration of several weeks, particularly in disadvantaged areas and neighbourhoods. Children and teenagers are invited to create their own walk-in constructions and sculptures – up to 4 meters in height using 75 tons of clay and their own ideas and designs. With a little assistance, these architects, big and small, apply their hands and their imagination to create a fascinating new city beneath the tent ceiling - a city full of domes, caves and monsters.

After the farewell party, the children can climb and admire the giant sculptures during the exhibition weeks, and also take their smaller models home with them. The larger structures are then broken down and the clay recycled for future building adventures. The interactive event comes with a free invitation to all visitors: old and young, disabled and non-disabled, people from each and every nation.


The project takes place in the summer and is set up at the same locations for several years in a row.

The building material clay with its ‚social and cultural adhesive force' brings together 6.000 children, their teachers, families and neighbours, joined in their activities at a public ‚pride production site'.

During these creative and communicative building sessions, the participants do more than just compose imaginative pieces of architecture in the middle of urban neighbourhoods. They create new spaces for people to meet.

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